And a Happy New Year to you all from Eleuthera

And so we wish a very happy New Year to you all from Eleuthera – this is a pretty short blog but the sentiments are huge ! We had a good time at the workers party – Matty did a great job and even though we didn’t manage to get all our employees together for a group photo we did gat a fair few as you can see below.

Christmas Day was all about cooking eating and having a glass of champagne and as usual I ate way too much. But we had fun with my Mum and friends Clemens and Nancy – all of us managing to tuck away plenty of Christmas dinner as well as Christmas pudding !

Usually I post a picture of a huge plate of food which is mine – but this year I was amazed at how much my Mum ate – she cleaned the plate !!

Everything here has been pretty low key this year although there are a good number of visitors here and it was great to see plenty of people at Bacchus Fine Foods on Sunday where we enjoyed a delicious lunch.

Cooking up a storm on Christmas Day …
But then afterwards the kitchen looks like this – yikes !

Sometime over the weekend I developed shingles – around my eye and hairline – not fun at all and certainly not something I asked Santa for ! Fortunately I got an appointment with Dr Bacchus on Monday morning so hopefully the treatment will catch it early and minimize the progression of it. So please excuse the briefness of the blog this week …..

But Bob and I both wish you a Happy New Year – certainly this coming year will also present all sorts of challenges and as I said in an Instagram post for New Year 12 months ago – the year ahead will bring bring good times and bad times as there are every year. We wish you the grace and wisdom to enjoy the good times and the courage and resilience to weather the bead times. Be kind to each other and spread a little love wherever you can ….

Of course I had no idea back then just what was ahead of us all – but the sentiments remain exactly the same for this coming year …..

Take good care and stay safe ….. xxx

All digging in …..

10 thoughts on “And a Happy New Year to you all from Eleuthera

    1. Thank you Barbara – you are right ! Looking forward to bumping in to you both one day soon at Island Farm…. Stay safe and Happy New Year x

    1. Thanks so much – and wishing you all the same – with bells on ! Hope to see you down here sometime soon…. xx

  1. Wishing you two the very best 2021 hopefully we can have a island “raclette soirée” again this new year! xoxo Bruce & Shannon

  2. Happy New Year !
    Kevin and send you both our best wishes.
    Our New Years Eve dinner ?
    Rack of lamb with Dijon
    Rosemary roasted beets red and golden
    Potatoes Dauphinois

    Our New Years Day ?
    Eggs Benedict
    Dinner will be Boeuf Bourguignon – Julia Child recipe

    1. Oh my goodness – i could eat a huge bowl of dauphinois on it’s own. Followed some time later with some Oliver Kita special chocolates thank you very much !! Much love to you both xxx

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