Latest local news in Eleuthera !

This week I am bringing you the latest local news in Eleuthera – and delighted to do so as well……

The best news we have heard for a long time is that the clinic of Doctor Arlington Lightbourne in Palmetto Point – Eleuthera Medical Center now has a fully operational X Ray machine. This is huge news for Eleuthera as it is the only one on the island. Installation was finished last Saturday and it was used on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday !! Now normally these people needing X rays would have had to be flown into Nassau so it is a huge benefit to everybody.

What a beauty – it may look like just a machine – but it is a very special machine believe me !

The clinic has a full emergency room, full lab services and now the X Ray machine – and of course I have to mention that the center also has a generator which was inaugurated on Saturday when there was a six hour power outage. So if you have a health emergency here the island is now prepared and able to handle it.

One of the resuscitation bays in the emergency room – hope you only ever see it on a tour !

The team that Dr Lightbourne has built there is very good. Headed up as chief of nursing is Nurse Munro from Nassau along with a team including Krysia Bullard – displaced from Abaco after Dorian as the Emergency Treatment Center there was totally destroyed- but bringing her experience in operating an X Ray machine ! Other nurses there are Jenni Milla and Krystina Wilson who all make a wonderful group of shared expertise. Chinnicci McDonald brings her organizational skills as well….

Such a great team at the Eleuthera Medical Center

Once your X Ray has been analyzed then casting is done at the clinic as well if it is necessary.

As you already know all of the clinic has been privately funded and we continue to ask for support and donations no matter how large or small. Every single dollar counts in helping the health of the local community and providing facilities for everybody’s benefit.

There has been a significant financial commitment from the Leon Levy Foundation over a period of the next 4 years – and heartfelt thanks go to Ms Shelby White for having committed to this. Another generous donor is Friedrike Merck who has been visiting the island for a good few years now and again saw the way that better health facilities were desperately needed – and responded to that need.

People often think that a large donation is the only way to go and that is out of many people’s reach – but as I keep on stressing – if a lot of people gave a small amount of support then it would amount to a lot. So please don’t think that you cannot make your own small but important gesture.

Many of you may be wondering about the cost of getting an X Ray here – so let me tell you. If you are part of the Premier Plan where you pay $40 per month then there is no additional cost at all. If you are a standard member then the cost is discounted by 50%. If you are not a member of the clinic at all – why not ???? – then depending on the type of X ray you need it is between $90 and $200. And no airfare to get to Nassau !

I think that this is incredibly reasonable and hope that none of you ever need to use the services – but the reality of it is that some of us will have to. So give thanks to all the donors – no matter how large or small – who have made this brilliant facility available……

Rather less exciting news – but important to us at Colman Towers is that planting and growing is underway in our vegetable garden. So far we have arugula coming through along with spinach and pok choy – so lots of healthy greens coming along for all of our renters to share at Governors Estate. Tomato plants are in and mint is doing well in pots – so mojitos can be on your evening cocktail menu !! Beets are coming soon and personally I cannot wait for some fresh cilantro !

Arugula pushing through….
Mint is one of my favorite herbs – chopped on buttered fingerling potatoes – yummy….
Young fresh bok choy – perfect for a stir fry.
The sky and the sea were such a beautiful blue while I was walking Rudge down the hill ….

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