Not much Eleuthera stuff this week !

Not much about Eleuthera this week – so apologies in advance for those of you wanting a local catch up ! I am going to tell you about the other 4 books in the Facebook 7 day book challenge and bring you up to date with my retina surgery in Miami.

The bonus of the trip is that I am taking it with my sister Jane – over from the UK – she is my carer , chauffeur and eating companion – feels a bit like Thelma and Louise but without the gun – and without Brad Pitt as well. In fact nothing like Thelma and Louise apart from the sunglasses !

We flew in on Sunday through Nassau and started with a nice little sushi and seaweed lunch in the airport. Staying of course at the Sonesta in Fort Lauderdale where they gave us connecting rooms – perfect !

These little Minnie Mouse shoes were on the bar stools at the sushi place in Nassau airport – what is that all about?

Surgery was on Monday at around 2pm – and nothing to eat since 8pm the night before – very rumbly tummy ! Although the operation is done with sedation and local anesthesia I was given a 10 second shot of propofel while I had the local anesthetic injected into my eyeball – actually I didn’t know about this until the day after ! The feeling from the sedation was like having had a couple or 3 cocktails – very relaxed and happy and I do remember seeing a syringe in the doctors top pocket – but thinking nothing to worry about at all !

Still feeling pretty groovy after the sedation !

Dr Adi Smith performed the surgery – he has a practice at the South Florida Retina Institute in Aventura and has a wonderful reputation.

I had to have the wrinkle and pucker on my retina smoothed out by laser – and when I saw the doctor for the check up the next day he was very happy with what he saw. Of course I have a black eye and a very bloodshot eye – but that’s what comes with the op. There is no visible improvement in my eyesight as the pucker did not affect my eyesight – but it had to be done in order for me to have the cataract surgery at a later date.

Relaxing back at the hotel.

All this means that I cannot wear any eye make-up for a while. Some of you may scoff at that – but it a very interesting exercise when the way you present yourself to the world changes …. So a new look for me for a few weeks while everything settles back down again.

Oh my goodness !
The lovely Dr Adi Smith who performed the procedure.

Now on to the FaceBook book challenge. The first three books I gave you in last week’s blog and these were the final four.

A beautifully written book – translated from French. It is also a wonderful film as well – arty and subtitled….
This book makes me laugh out loud even though it a work of non-fiction about a woman with tuberculosis …
Another work of non fiction that made me laugh out loud in places.
Judging by the comments on Facebook – this is a well loved favorite.

What I have loved about this initiative is finding the 7 books that the 7 people I nominated have chosen. I immediately went on to Amazon to order a load of them – and really look forward to ploughing through them….. Nothing I like better than seeing a pile of new unread books on my nightstand ! I hope that you may find something interesting to read through this network…..

11 thoughts on “Not much Eleuthera stuff this week !”

  1. I trust you will recover quickly and that your eyes will shine brightly as ever. I have enjoyed the book challenge immensely and plan to read several of your favorites.

    1. Yes – I loved the book challenge as well and I am getting some of your recommendations as well …. I am impatient for my eye to improve – it makes me look so tired not wearing any eye make-up !

  2. Always sooo happy to ready you Kathy. I wish you a quick recovery. And by the way you are as beautiful without make-up because your beauty comes from inside :)!

  3. Dear Kathy, Very sad to see you in the “Eye Hospital” but still smiling with all of your bandages, amazing that you could photograph the whole operation, we hope that you will soon recover and able to read all of those books. our love to you, Bob, and your Ma
    Colin and Susie.x x x

    1. How lovely to hear from you – thank you for you lovely comments ! Actually I can read just fine and have been enjoying a little rest with a good book …. Take care xx

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