Soup and other stories from Eleuthera ….

These last couple of weeks I have been making soup from scratch on a good few occasions so this week it is soup and other stories that make up the blog … I love soup and those who love me have to love it as well !!!! Fortunately we are still able to get lovely […]

A guest writer for the blog this week in Eleuthera !

Well – this week we have a guest writer for the blog right here in Eleuthera ! Very lucky and very flattering for me – but totally unsolicited I assure you. We had our dear friends Clemens and Nancy round for supper the other evening and I received this from him the next day !!!! […]

What a great party in Governors Harbour !

OK folks – so I need to tell you what a great party we had last weekend in Governors Harbour….. It was just fabulous – everything we hoped it would be and more ! For those of you who have not been reading this blog regularly you need to know that it was our 25th […]