A week in December in Governors Harbour Eleuthera


This week – the first in December – a quick look at what is happening in Governors Harbour Eleuthera. Of course lots of places are getting ready for the Christmas season – and boats arriving from both the US and Nassau are laden with goods. A busy time on the dock…… We are busy too, […]

Halloween shenanigans in Governors Harbour Eleuthera


There were plenty of Halloween shenanigans in Governors Harbour this week …. When Bob and I left the UK thirteen years ago to come and live in Eleuthera not much was made of Halloween in the UK, but now I understand that situation has changed and it is quite a big thing there as well. […]

Buccaneer burger bash with the Exceptional Learners


This week we had a burger bash at the Buccaneer Inn for the end of term party with the Exceptional Learners….. It has all been a bit chaotic with plans changing at the last minute – but one thing is certain –  the kids expect and deserve their party !  Fortunately the Buccaneer is within […]