Haynes Library update and a wedding celebration in Eleuthera


Lots of joy and delight in Governors Harbour this week with an update on The Haynes Library and a lovely wedding celebration. The funds raised by the Jazz Festival in 2018 have been put to great use at the Haynes Library by updating the computer centre there. There are now 15 new desktop computers there […]

A writing and wellness workshop at Governors Estate !


So very happy to tell you about a writing and wellness workshop for women that is happening here at Governors Estate in May. I am a big fan – and I know I have written about it here before – of a website and blog called Women Who Live On Rocks.  Well the retreat is […]

Best of an Eleutheran Christmas

So here we are – the best of our Eleutheran Christmas and other tidbits ! Christmas celebrations started for us with an overnight trip to Nassau to have dinner with our great friends from England – Ashley and Jilly – on the Saturday before Christmas. We returned early Sunday afternoon and I can tell you […]