A success story for BAARK here in Eleuthera

Well as you the know the last couple of weeks I have been promoting the BAARK clinic and now let me tell you a success story for BAARK here in Eleuthera. Bob and I visited the clinic being held in Hatchet Bay last Saturday and were so impressed with the whole set up – there were dogs and cats in crates all over the place – but totally organized. 

The brilliant Dr Solomon Kofi Kwayke performing surgery in the makeshift clinic. He headed up the wonderful team from BAARK

The clinic did a really impressive total of 176 spays and neuters of dogs and cats over the 2 1/2 day clinic. And it looked like it ran like clockwork. There were lots of volunteers rounding up and catching feral cats and wild dogs as well as owners bringing in their own pets. The volunteers had been setting up feeding stations for the animals so that it was easy to get them to come into the traps the night before.

Lots of dogs and cats all ready for spaying and neutering
It was uncanny how quite and calm everything was …

Bacchus Fine Foods provided breakfast and lunches for everybody on Friday and Saturday and on Sunday the Buccaneer took over – everybody was more than happy with the food provided by both places – important to have some good healthy nourishing food when you are working so hard for such long hours !

Getting ready for surgery !
Dignity – what dignity ????

Bob and I donated the accommodation and I was delighted when Dr Solomon – the sole vet ! – told me what a great night’s sleep he had in such a comfortable bed ……

Look at this cute little chap or actually maybe a chapess !

They are all back to do it again this weekend here in Governors Harbour so do please spread the word….

This chap was just out of surgery – they spray all the animals after surgery and believe me they were crawling with fleas and ticks so they really needed it.

After visiting the clinic we went on up to Gregory Town. Pam Thompson at Island Made Gift Shop had made some great handprinted face masks and I wanted to get a few …. She is such a talented and original artist – I am a big fan ! 

This is one of Pam’s facemarks. Recognize the Goombay Smash face ?

Then of course it would have been crazy to miss a lunch at The Surf Shack wouldn’t it ? Bill – the chef there – does a fabulous job – the food was so darn good I forgave them for not having any of their delicious Bloody Caesars – someone came in the day before and had 3 of them and used up all the clamato juice – never mind. We both had the crab cakes and then shared the sides of fries, asian slaw and zoodles – made with zucchini, carrots and rice noodles – such a treat. And we got in before the rush so that was good !

Absolutely loved this head made from beach trash outside the Surf Shack….

It made such a nice change to have a little outing on Saturday instead of just catching up on the chores – we felt like we had a welcome change to our normal routine.

Oh my goodness this tasted so good….
And this was how the last of the zoodles were given to us – arty or what !

It was also good to drive on the new road surfaces here on the island. I don’t quite understand if all the new stretches will eventually join up – but it is a delight to drive on I must say…. The roads as you all know who have visited here were in a pretty dire condition – the last time they were resurfaced totally was 17 years ago when we first visited the island. Since then they have have been patched here and there so this resurfacing is way overdue….

Loved this sign at the clinic….
And I couldn’t resist this picture of this pair of feral cats drugged and ready for shaving prior to surgery

The picture at the top was taken on French Leave Beach last week – a wild and windy day !

9 thoughts on “A success story for BAARK here in Eleuthera”

  1. Oh Kathy. Your news about BAARK was amazing…the numbers tended to, the pictures. What a feat. And the good will you all provided is simply wonderful.

    We read about road resurfacing. That’s great. Stuart will better enjoy riding his bike next visit…

    I hear you’ll be getting the vaccine soon. Just got ours…

    1. Oh – happy to hear that you already got your vaccine – that is great news. Can’t wait to be able to get it here…. Good to hear from you.

  2. Yes BAARK and EARS( Eleuthera Animal Rescue Society) are wonderful.We support them and on my last visit 2/2020 we brought a huge bag of much needed flea and tick medicines donated by our New Hampshire vet who loves Eleuthera! We’re buying more EARS t-shirts this trip which helps support these organizations.We arrive again this Saturday.Can’t wait to finally meet you!

    1. Oh that’s great to hear – well both that you are coming this weekend and about your previous donation ….. Looking forward to meeting you too !

  3. Your Baark article was spectacular! How wonderful for all those doggies and kitties! Their work will make a big difference on the island.
    Loved your photo of the trees blowing in the wind at French Leave. Thank you for bringing me to that wonderful island through your blog. Wish that I could visit.

  4. What an amazing spay/neuter effort! Thank you so much, Kathy, for helping make this happen! I look forward to photos of the Governor’s Harbour clinic this weekend. It’s so very encouraging to see the community support and commitment. Here’s to a better future for the island’s animals!

  5. Awesome news about the spay/neuter project. It was so desperately needed. I hope the S/N projects continue. And a shout out to EARS! The last time we visited I brought a tote bag full of flea/tick meds for them. I put out a plea on my FB page and the donations came flying in. I’m active in animal advocacy here at home so I’m always happy to help local animal groups when I travel.

    Thanks for posting about the event and keep up the good work BAARK and EARS!

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