A this and that sort of week in Eleuthera.

This is one of those this and that sort of weeks here in Eleuthera – the blog is made up of bits and bobs to share with you. The last 2 weeks were exceptional in the scheme of how things have been lately – something solid and positive to write about for you – but this week it is more of a hotch potch….

Firstly though I’m sure that you want to join me in wishing dear Michele Johnson – of Buccaneer fame – a very very happy birthday. And it was a landmark one – 60 !! But sixty these days means whatever you want it to mean – right ? It can be a time of taking stock and planning or it can be another moment in a life that is still full and filled with busy busy busy – but whatever it is a birthday is always a day to be celebrated in my book – and Michele’s friends gathered around her to surprise her with a happy celebration of what a wonderful woman and true friend she is – the person many of us turn to whenever there is a crisis !!! Happiest of happy birthdays Michele – you are loved and respected by many people. Wishing you a good year ahead …..

Me and the gorgeous birthday girl …

Now on to other bits and bobs…..

The island is opening up – this weekend we are fully booked in every single property – the beaches have been closed in Nassau and Grand Bahama over the coming Bahamian holiday weekend – Independence Day on Friday – so many people are coming over from Nassau to enjoy the beaches here. We continue to be vigilant – the wearing of masks in public is mandatory – and the cleaning policy in our properties is stringent – using cleaning materials shipped in from the US to be as effective as possible. Safety for all concerned – especially our cleaning staff – is vital if we are to keep this island the safe haven it still is….

Martin from the sailing school – see last week’s blog – asked me to record a short voiceover for a promotional video about encouraging children all over the world to learn to sail. It has now been edited and I am so thrilled to have been a little part of this little treasure – click on the link here to view it…. Eleuthera Sailing Academy.

Something else I want to share with you during these continually challenging times is a yoga mudra and mantra that I practice on a daily basis. It is called Courageous Heart – something I personally think we all need to develop at the moment – although this potentially is a lifetime practice – and guess what you don’t have to get out of your chair to do it…. This link will show you how – scroll down to the part that says How to do Abhaya Hrdaya Mudra – follow the instructions and then when you have worked out the hand positions click on the Durga Mantra just below. Listen to it – then join in – chanting can be a very powerful experience. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do …..

Another thing I want to share with you is a fabulous new sunscreen for the face – absolutely vital here in the Bahamas and very important wherever you are. It was discovered by my dear friend Nancy – brilliant research ! – it is called Unseen Sunscreen by Supergoop. We bought it from Sephora online – click on that link to see it. It is factor 40 and most importantly for me it goes on unseen and leaves a great matte finish for my tinted moisturizer to go over. None of that weird ghostly look that you get with a lot of the mineral type sunscreens.


So that’s about it for this week – continue to stay safe and another reminder to be kind and loving to each other – people are under a huge amount of stress at the moment – remember A Courageous Heart !!

Got a great pedicure this week – thanks to Cleomie Rankine at Mariposa – feels great and looks good !
Great night the other week having amazing supper with Dan and Larry on Cupid’s Cay -a good selfie with the lovely Carolyn Taylor – top tips from her for successful selfies !
Dan and Larry and the pizza – so darn good ….

5 thoughts on “A this and that sort of week in Eleuthera.”

  1. Hmmmnnnn…..looks like the HOSTS might be guilty of eating that pizza TOO often. Can chanting wear off the belly too?

  2. Okay then. Dan and Larry: post your recipes! Those pies look amazing. We only live once and that may not be enough to enjoy all the pizza in heaven. The clock is at 8. Must be PM. Will there be leftovers for AM?…

    Michele: HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Nice to see happy celebrations…


  3. Thank you, Kathy, for sharing this powerful mudra and mantra. I just love it
    Ash and I are missing Eleuthera so incredibly much and cannot wait to return again!

    1. How lovely to hear from you – yes a courageous heart is very important these days – more than ever….. really looking forward to seeing you again sometime soonish !

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