Launching the all new Eleuthera Sailing Academy

Last week we saw the launching of the all new Eleuthera Sailing Academy – based in Savannah Sound. Such great news for the young people in Eleuthera don’t you think….. This is the brainchild of Craig Symonette from Nassau – he is himself a very skilled and keen sailor and wants to encourage as many young out islanders as possible to learn the art of sailing.

Look carefully and you will see that this is in fact Craig Symonette !

The new Academy is in Savannah Sound – a perfect setting nestled between The Sound and Windemere Island. Martin and Carlien are running it – you should remember seeing pictures of their young twin girls on a mango hunt at Governors Estate. They are young, enthusiastic and talented – the perfect combination for inspiring the young would be sailors. Martin teaches the sailing and Carlien teaches wind surfing – what a pair they make …..

Martin and Carlien – what a fabulous team…..
Carlien teaching some of the basics to the students….

There was an inaugural sailing camp lasting 4 days last week – with sailing, wind surfing and snorkeling – and most days there were between 25 and 30 participants. Bob and I went to the BBQ early Saturday evening to help celebrate the success of the event. Such a fabulous setting and a real joy to see this venture getting off the ground.

The Optis all stacked up in their storage thingys….

A huge thank you to Craig and Michelle Symonette for getting this really valuable project off the ground – how lovely to have something so positive to celebrate during these troubled times …..

A great selection of the students having a wonderful time
The view from the Sailing Academy premises ….

One of the most wonderful perks of having had pretty much deserted beaches for the last few months has been the sight of turtle tracks on French Leave Beach. Good friends Clemens and his wife Nancy took these pictures of the tracks up to where the eggs were laid and buried – and then covered up the tracks so no-one would see and try to see what they were. So fingers crossed we will have baby turtles hatching out in around 60 days time …….

Yes – turtle tracks !

So as of July 1st we are now open to visitors coming in from the US – please be mindful when you come – traveling through the airports and being on the planes are a big risk – so wear your masks and gloves and be careful please. The policy here in Eleuthera is ‘ No mask – no entry ‘ – so be aware that you will need to wear a mask and observe social distancing. But you will be very welcome – as always……..

Just thought I would throw this one in of Ceci on the running machine !

8 thoughts on “Launching the all new Eleuthera Sailing Academy”

  1. We met Martin and Carlien and the girls in February when they arrived.They temporarily stayed next to where we were renting until their place was ready.We’ll be arriving July 10 back in Eleuthera with Covid test and health visa in hand.Hope to meet you and Ceci!

  2. Donna Lee Kurkul

    I know that look in Ceci’s eyes: You woke me but I love you; it’s okay, take my picture.
    So, I know you don’t like running. Who’s machine? Bob’s?
    Didn’t know turtles also come to French Leave! Blessings…

    1. Definitely not my running machine – yes it is Bob’s !! Great about the turtles isn’t it !

  3. With each of your blogs; I am so amazed at the many changes on Eleuthera. But, it is just as beautiful as it always was. Kathy, your photo of the sail boats out on the bay is spectacular! Worthy of a frame.

    1. Actually – I didn’t take that picture but I do agree with you – it should be framed …. Martin and Carlien sent it to me – I should have credited them I know !!

  4. Thank you Kathy for your wonderful words and space on your blog to celebrate the opening of the Eleuthera Sailing Academy. And thank you again and again and again for your support and help always!!!
    Although it is amazing here at the bay and sailing club, we miss living so close to you and Bob!
    See you soon

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