Be Careful What You Wish For !

How often have you said ‘ I wish I had more time to sort things out at home – or relax a bit more – or spend time doing my favorite things – well be careful what you wish for – right ?????

Wouldn’t it be great to have something really exciting to write about – but instead here are more tales from Eleuthera in lockdown. The weather is beautiful which makes it a lot easier to bear – if it was rainy, cold and gloomy I’m sure we would all feel very differently. Our Prime Minister is a doctor as I think I have told you before and so he has taken a very firm and sensible stance on things. If the Bahamas tourist industry is going to be able to bounce back after this then it is necessary to have stringent measures in place to deal with the crisis as best we can……

The pharmacy in Palmetto Point has become a drive-in – as I discovered when I went to pick up a prescription for my Mum….. How many people do you think are asking for a Big Mac and fries as they collect their stuff !!!!

Drivin thru !
The girls are doing a great job and keeping cheerful….

Personally we continue to have plenty to do up at Colman Towers -and it is lovely to have a project to plan for in the coming months. The last of the properties up here is going to be concluded some time this year – so I am planning kitchens and a lovely outdoor screened room. The property is a 2 bedroomed house with 2 studio cottages as separate buildings – ideal for couples who want to vacation together but retain some privacy as well. Plenty there to keep my mind occupied !

Treats for Rudge on a beach walk at French leave…..

Over Easter we will be on total lockdown – so Rudge will not be too happy and I will be doing a couple of online workouts to substitute for nice long walks – not much of a consolation for anyone ……

I am taking my phone / camera to the beach when I can to capture a few blog shots – I even went up on our roof deck the other day to have a look around as it was such a beautiful day ……

The view looking towards the Atlantic from Colman Towers roof deck
and looking down into the harbour …..

So keep on reading and watching things that inspire you. I am looking forward to watching James Corden’s performance in One Man Two Guvnors at the National Theatre which has just been released on Youtube. It has great reviews and I know was very popular when it was on Broadway……

Be kind to each other, find things to be grateful for – oh yes – and don’t eat too much !

PS Thanks to Michele Johnson of Buccaneer fame for the title of this week’s blog !

Love this grainy pink sand…..

16 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish For !”

  1. Terrific and right on the mark!
    Spending too much time on the Internet, but other than that, projects galore getting done. The eating and drinking is pretty much per usual, except taking more time and care to try things I’ve wanted to cook but didn’t want to bother with timewise……!

  2. shannon Curran

    So nice to receive your blog and it gives me a nice boost to my day.. Miss you guys .. If you see Bruce when not on curfew give him a big 6ft distance hello.

  3. Ok, I am not going to comment after every blog you write. I do enjoy reading them Kathy, thank you.
    BUT – first I saw a documentary on the wildlife around the bahamas on TVO (public broadcaster) including an octopus in Sweetings Pond on Eleuthera. And my local radio keeps playing “I WANT TO GET AWAY, I WANT TO GET AWAY….”.
    Just saying -lol
    Stay safe and healthy! We hope to see you next year!

    1. Lovely to hear from you – if you can find a reference for the program that would be wonderful….. Stay safe and healthy yourselves….

  4. Donna Lee Kurkul

    Seeing you smiling, relaxed and perched on that well-known tree at the end of French Leave on a beautiful sunny day brought smiles to our faces as we weather stay-at-home orders here in that “rainy, cold and gloomy” weather as you put it, in Hadley, MA. Nonetheless, we are making the best of our time, reading, catching up on things, enjoying films, and exercising like many others, coping and hoping for the best. We read the Minister’s entire delivery to the Bahamian population and thought it most soulful. Best to Mary and Bob and to everyone in GHB.
    L, Donna and Stuart

    1. Lovely to hear from you – hopefully spring should be underway for you and better weather coming…. Stay safe.

  5. How long have you been able to walk a beach or swim? I thought the lockdown said not to leave your house/ yard? Maybe just for crowded Nassau and not Eleuthera

    1. When we are not on total lockdown – it lifted last Monday morning then we can walk on the beach. We go back into total lockdown ay 9pm tonight until 5 am on Tuesday. Rules in Nassau are much more stringent because of the density of the population and also because they just don’t follow the rules and guidelines….

  6. Thanks for the beautiful post. As always, you are interesting and delightful. We look forward to seeing you as soon everything is opened up again.

    1. We will look forward to seeing you here again soon….. Thanks for your lovely words – I hope you are all well….. Stay safe….

  7. Hi Kathy, how are they enforcing the lockdown?

    And how are supply chains in terms of food doing?

    I wills you this summer at a certain drinking hole.

    xxxx, d

    1. The police are patrolling around everywhere…. Food supply is definitely suffering as we are dependent on the boats from Nassau – they don’t seem as frequent as usual and not enough fresh produce. Looking forward to seeing you again down here whenever we are through this …..

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