It has to be talked about – coronavirus and Eleuthera !

So yes – it has to be talked about – coronavirus and Eleuthera ….. Please note carefully that I say ‘coronavirus AND Eleuthera – not in Eleuthera’ At the moment there are no cases here – but at the weekend the first case was confirmed in Nassau. The Government has been quick to respond. The schools were closed down from Monday this week until the middle of April – and of course that may change…..

Downtown Nassau is like a ghost town – all the stores are closed – no cruise ships docking and Atlantis is closed as well.

But back to Eleuthera – measures are being taken everywhere to try and ensure that the virus has the lowest chance of appearing here – but who can say. Of course we have had numerous cancellations – not really because people are afraid of catching it here – but the 2 main concerns are traveling through the international airports and borders being closed. Of course this has huge financial implications for everyone here with lost revenue – but that is world wide so we are all in the same boat.

A soothing beach picture to make you feel calmer and more centered !

So now the important thing is to find a balance between being sensible and taking appropriate measures and not either ignoring the situation or panicking unnecessarily……..

Could be worse – right ?

Of course there are not many other places in the world that are better for waiting out this horrible situation – lockdown here would be a darn sight nicer here than pretty much anywhere ……..

So how to use the time – meditation, reflection on our blessings, reading, cooking healthy nutritious food, keeping in touch both near and far with friends and family – thank heavens for FaceTime and WhatsApp , enjoying walks on the beach , cleaning out those cupboards and drawers that you have been meaning to tackle , and sometimes just doing nothing – right ?

I am trying to get some jobs done in the houses that are empty while we can. Painting, cleaning windows , removing and washing screens – now what was it I was saying about sometimes just doing nothing ?

The dogs have the right attitude – same beaches every day, same food every day, same routine – but hey – dog awareness means that is still fabulous fun ….

Anyway dear readers – I hope that you all stay safe and healthy – do not panic and do not ignore what is going on. Eat well, read lots – not about the C word though , have a glass of your favorite tipple and enjoy a few pictures of life in Eleuthera……. Be kind to those you know as well as those that you don’t – fear can bring out the worst in many people and you can try to help these people by showing them love and kindness….

Please note the cleverly recycled milk container for a beach drinking bowl !

Just take a look at what Bob found in the car park behind our office – day one there were 4 , day two there were 6 eggs …… Early Easter eggs……

Social distancing Eleuthera style….. Yes I know it’s not 6 feet but this is Eleuthera …….

Look at that view behind …..

12 thoughts on “It has to be talked about – coronavirus and Eleuthera !”

  1. Hello dear Kathy,
    Stay healthy in our beloved Eleuthera and enjoy the many blessings you are surrounded by.
    P.S. Did I see that you have two dogs now? How is sweet little Cece, the kitty we fed when we were last visiting?

    1. How lovely to hear from you …. No we still just have Rudge – he has a playdate at the beach every day with Rufus – his litter brother who lives on Cupid’s Cay along with Xena. ceci is fabulous – she gets on really well with Rudge and spends quite a lot of time with him here at Colman Towers !! Stay healthy yourselves as well…. xx

  2. Now more than ever I welcome your Eleuthera updates. It is a break from reality. Your photos are meditative.
    Many thanks
    Be well.

  3. Well done, Kathy. Sound words. Finding the balance between concern, and living one’s life is tricky these days, hours, etc., but of course so necessary. In NYC, people are stepping up; finding that extra gear of humanity. #neverwasteacrisis.

    1. Thanks Daniel – I had a message conversation with a friend of ours who lives in Hong Kong and he says that life is beginning to resemble normal again after about 10 weeks of self isolation which the whole population did pretty much. Masks still being worn and everyone being very mindful of social distancing etc but it has worked….. So there is light at the end of the tunnel….. xx

      1. It is a mixed blessing getting *hit* early. I think that the world will indeed learn some valuable lessons from this crisis. Ones that will spare pain and lives in the future. Our pain, fire, sacrifices bow, will help our species survive in the future. best to Bob(by)! xoxoxo, daniel and miranda

  4. Dear Kathy,

    Your wonderful, supporting words have made the future brighter. The photos are the best! They put me right back in Eleuthera. I can feel the water and smell the sun and the sky. Once again; thank you.
    We will make it through this! XX

    1. Such kind words – thank you ….. I will keep taking a few pictures here and there – nothing spectacular – but they don’t need to be ….. And you are right – we will make it through this – all a bit sadder and wiser – but there will be some wonderful little things that come our way throughout – I’m sure …..

  5. Dear Kathy,
    We so enjoyed our stay. Thank you for your blog to enjoy while we are away from your island.
    But, as you may remember, we could not see one thing. So I have a request of your photography later on. I would love to see a picture of that tree with the big beans when it blooms.
    Your puctures are great, a joy to see while up here watching the snow fall.

    1. Oh – glad that you are hooked in to the blog now…… I will definitely post pictures of the poinciana once it is in bloom…. Have a great week – and stay isolated !!

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