Mourning the loss of dear Ceci this week

Yes – very sad to say that we are mourning the loss of dear Ceci our beautiful cat this week. She was hit on the head by a car or truck on the road coming up from Bacchus Fine Foods ….. Fortunately we were able to retrieve her body and bury her in the garden alongside our previous dog Joe- Louis but of course our hearts are heavy and many tears have been shed.

Possibly my most favorite picture of Ceci and she is with Bob as well….

She was only just over 3 years old and as I wrote at the time we took her in that she had found her way into our hearts when neither Bob or I thought of ourselves as cat people. She was funny and feisty, and she and Rudge had a wonderful friendship that gave us many hours of entertainment. We will miss her and her antics hugely – and those of you who are cat or dog lovers – well animal lovers in general, will know how devastating it is to lose a loved member of your family. Whether you have had them for a long or short time it is a piece of your heart ripped out ……

Lovely thing !

The lesson on unconditional love that we experience when we open our hearts to our pets is a very important one. Nothing lasts forever but the memories and love that we receive enrich our lives and bring us joy. The heartache when we suffer the loss is the price we pay and in my book it is a part of making life a rich and rewarding experience.

Our beautiful one

I wrote about Ceci several times in the blog – here is a link to the first one when we welcomed her into our family and I mentioned her again in a blog about feeling gratitude for what we have and what we could do during lockdown in April 2020. Friends are a hugely important part of our lives and I did acknowledge that at the time, but friends have been a great support during these difficult times and my sense of gratitude for them grows and grows.

Ceci was killed on Tuesday which was my birthday and Angelika and Sandy from Bacchus Fine Foods had arranged to bring us all a wonderful meal of sushi followed by salmon and tiramisu and meringues. We all still gathered for the celebration, champagne was drunk and I sprinkled champagne on Ceci’s grave just as we had done for Joe- Louis. The support and presence of them all, as well as Clemens and Nancy , my Mum Mary and sister Jane made the evening in to a beautiful way of acknowledging the sadness of loss as well as the joy in the love of family and friends….

Nancy, Jane, me and Mary

OK – enough already ……

Sprawling Towers is coming on well – it is an evolving project which actually means that we are adding a few bits as we go along. But it is exciting to imagine our life as it will be there.

Last Sunday I took a chair down there and did my morning meditation sitting in what will be the living area. The breeze was coming from the ocean in my face – I could hear the birds singing and it gave an added dimension to a very important start to my day. I will be continuing this new ritual every Sunday I hope and look forward to the time when we are living there and I do it every day…….

Best seat in the house ….

So that’s it for this week – still no movement on Bob’s operation yet but the team are keeping in touch and we hope against hope that it will be soon….

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  1. David McNaughtan

    Very sorry to hear about Ceci. Never realised how important a cat can be to us.
    Have just come back this week from 3 weeks in Nassau and had hoped that Hudson, who was being fed in my absence would come around to say hello. So far no sighting! Friends have asked around with no luck! I never thought myself a cat person but she adopted me and made my stay here in France in June/ July great fun.
    I live in hope!
    Good luck with the op.


  2. So sorry Kathy and Bob. Pets are a huge part of my family and I lose a piece of my heart each time one passes away. My heart was broken when I first heard that Joe Louis passed away. We stayed in one of your homes and he would come visit us twice a day and make himself right at home. And I immediately fell in love. Just a few months later he passed away and it just broke my heart. But now Ceci and home are frolicking over the rainbow bridge. ❤️

    1. Hello Kathy and Bob, I am so sorry for the loss of your special friend Ceci. Animals wind their way into our hearts and give us unconditional love and endless joy until that sad moment when we have to say goodbye. As in Ceci’s case way too soon. They say “ Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”. So true. I have retired from my animal care business. It was really not a job but a privilege to know and care for so many of God’s creatures. Your beautiful new home is growing fast. Thank you for sharing. Great view. Hope you get your appointment soon Bob. Same all over. Hello to Mary from this Mary. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

      1. Lovely to hear from you Mary – happy to hear that you have retired now although an awful lot of owners and their animals will be very sad. And I will pass on your hello to Mary xx

  3. Oh dear. I cried when l read your news. Ceci and l had many wonderful times playing hide and seek under the sofa upstairs in Peach house. She loved raw eggs and tuna! She was my joy away from home and appreciate your photos of her. And, l share your loss dearly and see myself in your meditation spot. Glad your friends and family are there! XO

    1. Thanks so much – it has been a heartbreaking time – she was such a joy and delight….. My sister leaves on Saturday so a good few tears more to be shed ….

    2. Thank you Donna – she was a special character for sure. I never did come across anything she wouldn’t eat actually.

  4. I’m so sad about Ceci.I wanted so much to meet her sometime! We brought our 2 cats when we moved here in June and I personally am such a cat lover.She had a good loving home with you and Bob…

  5. How achingly sad about Ceci. We are so sorry for your loss. We will miss her very much. She was a regular visitor and absolutely ruled the roost with our three dogs. Actually, Governor’s Estates was very much her dominion and she presided over all creatures – two legged and four legged – with confidence and a spectacular sense of territorial entitlement. We adored her! Rest in peace, Ceci. You will be sorely and deeply missed.

    1. Thank you dear Marcie – she was a special soul that took us all in her thrall. I miss her so much – but talk to her every night when I walk Rudge around the garden. Heartbreak is the price we pay for loving our four legged friends – but I would never stop opening my heart to them xx We miss you too – hope all is well in Canada ….

  6. So very sorry to hear about Ceci, Kathy – and on your birthday! How sad. You were so kind when we lost Bruce a couple of years ago, and clearly understood how painful it was to lose a much-loved pet. I often think about you saying hello to Joe Louis every morning! It sounds as though your beautiful Ceci had a wonderful life with you, and that you enjoyed the time you had together: what more can we ask? Lovely to see the photo of you, Jane and Mary – love to you all, C&S xx

    1. Thanks Charmian – now I say goodnight for some reason to Ceci and Joe Louis – when I walk Rudge around the garden last thing …. Lovely to hear from you x

  7. Dear Kathy, how heart breaking this is…same thing happened to us on our son’s 1st birthday… I was baking his bday cake and someone came to get me to let me know that our cat had been hit by a car… so I truly feel your pain… Luckily you had a happy moment to celebrate. Ceci had really good taste choosing your family.she made you guys happy and you really made her happy too! She lived a good life, thanks to you and Bob. Should you be looking for littles kittens with no homes, please let me know. Ceci could never be replaced but some little hearts out there would be delighted to live with you and Bob…

    1. Thank you so much Denise – you can always tell people who have opened their hearts to animals – it is like a not so secret club ! Hope to see you back here soon….

  8. Dear Kathy and Bob,

    Heart breaking, Ceci passing. We think that we will have our pets forever; and, then that day comes. Ceci will always be alive in your thoughts. I remember when you first got her. Just know that she had a very happy life!
    We had to put our golden retriever to sleep at the age of six. I thought I would never recover. He was a second son to me. A little boy in a dog suit. Somehow you go on.
    You have much to look forward to!

  9. Thinking of you all so sorry to hear about the loss of Ceci love to you both and a happy birthday to you Kathy xx lol Nicola xx

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