Opening up and good deeds in Eleuthera this week.

So news this week of good deeds in Eleuthera and a little more opening up – namely Sweet and Savory our favorite food truck ! I saw David Barlyn the other day who told me that at Tippy’s they now have cooked and delivered just over 2,500 meals in central Eleuthera since the start of lockdown in late March. A brilliant initiative done with no fanfare – so here is another fanfare played very loudly on their behalf …..

Another lovely good deed I spotted this week was done by someone staying in one of our houses here at Governors Estate – Carlien likes to run along Banks Road for her exercise and she had spotted a horrible dumping of garbage at the north end of French Leave Beach. So the other day while exercising Rudge and myself we came across her armed with sturdy gloves and garbage bags cleaning up the area. She did a fabulous job – leaving only the coconuts which will biodegrade naturally over time….

Such a horrible mess – why do people believe it is OK to dump their garbage like this ????
Ta-da ! such a great job ….

Here in Eleuthera it is no good waiting for the council to be able to do jobs such as this- there just is not enough money in their budgets – so when people take control of a job that badly needs doing we need to let others know – so a very loud fanfare for the lovely Carlien ! Thank you for the work and thank you for caring. And for all the thoughtless people who throw their bottles and cans and food trash out of their cars – please stop it !

So good to see those shutters up now !

Really great news is that Sweet and Savory – our favorite food truck – is open again for lunches….. Bob and I shared a shrimp wrap the other day and it was delicious. Also open for takeout now is Da Perk. Horatio did us the best hummus with tomatoes and basil and truffle oil plus pita drizzled with truffle oil – divine !! All of these of course are pre-order and pickup only – but it is a great start……

Stephanie and Johnathan looking happy to be back !

So on we go – patiently behaving ourselves and looking forward to each day as we hopefully move closer to more opening up…..

Pineapple season is starting – as there are no tourists it looks like we will all need to eat many more pineapples – thanks to Eva Thompson – from Gregory Town for gifting us the first one of the season – well for us anyway !!
Looks like it is a bit more of a photo diary than a blog this week – never mind. Me and ma dawg as you can see !!
So I flip the throw cushions down so that Rudge can’t get on the sofa overnight – but Madam Ceci just lays herself on top of them ….

16 thoughts on “Opening up and good deeds in Eleuthera this week.”

  1. callie stingel

    So glad Eluthera is opening soon, fingers crossed. We are eagerly waiting to hear the great news and come back down. Love the blogs, photo or otherwise. It makes me feel like it’s not so very far away.

  2. If the phone numbers had been by DA PERK and SWEET N SAVORY, I probably would have called in an order by now! Just saying……and too bad we can’t order food during LOCKDOWN!

    1. What’s up – can’t find a phone number through FaceBook !! – but point taken…… Buccaneer starts takeout on Monday – 332 2000 !!!!

  3. It’s a lovely island but the trash!! Why oh why in this piece of paradise do people act so ignorantly selfish and ruin their “backyard”?

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