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Tippy's Eleuthera deck view
So now in our guide to the best of Eleuthera we feature Tippy’s restaurant – a local institution around Governors Harbour and very popular with visitors and locals…… Tippy’s restaurant is situated on the Banks Road – the road that runs along the Atlantic side of the island. It is 2 miles from the top of the hill in Governors […]
Well actually I hate that title because in fact there is nothing in this series of posts that I truly can’t live without but they are five things that enhance my life a lot….. One of the things about living here full time is that it teaches you to REALLY appreciate the things that you can get and […]
So welcome to the first blog post for Governors Estate – a long time coming I know! You can stay in touch with what is happening in Governors Harbour, find out the latest updates to all our rental properties and even check the videos we will be posting of how things look in the harbour. Whether you have stayed with […]

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