Things are loosening up a little in Eleuthera…..

This week I am happy to tell you that things are loosening up a little in Eleuthera now ! Well the liquor stores are open is what I really mean ….

There have been 89 confirmed cases of Covid 19 in the Bahamas – 11 deaths – 26 recovered – so numbers are still pretty low – and they are confined to New Providence, Grand Bahama, Bimini and 1 case on Cat Cay. Because of this the government has decided to relax a few of the restrictions in the unaffected Family Islands. Hence the liquor stores opening …… There is a phased plan which hopefully will be followed – but of course it depends on how well people throughout the Bahamas behave !! For now we are happy to have those liquor stores open – my first purchase surprisingly was San Pelligrino water …….

One of the things I miss the most during lockdown is being with friends for supper – those lovely catch up conversations over a shared meal – laughs and good times – well nothing we can do about it for now so Bob and I have to just do it between ourselves ! Saturday night was a big treat – home cooked fish and chips – this time with a photo – only to be surpassed next time now that I have managed to find some malt vinegar to put on them…..

Goodness this was good – if I say so myself !!

A little progress below on the screened garden room – but the screen making materials didn’t arrive on this week’s boat – but they should be here next week – getting excited to see a bit more progress…..

Filling in the spaces….

And finally on May 4th it was our grandson Indi’s birthday – he was 15 – where did those years go ? So a couple of pictures from his first visit to Eleuthera – and a couple more coming more up to date. I always call Indi the Star Wars baby – it is the only birthday I remember easily – May the fourth be with you – geddit ?

Indiana Colman – in December 2005 ……
Gorgeous !
Birthday trip in a helicopter New York 2018
and last December at our anniversary party …. taller than Bob now !

I know these blogs are getting a bit tedious during lockdown – but I will keep them up – just because I don’t want to break my own unbroken record of one every week ! Keep smiling and be kind …..

14 thoughts on “Things are loosening up a little in Eleuthera…..”

  1. Sidney Vendituolu

    I am betting that many nice afternoons and evenings, maybe even morning coffee, will be spent in that new screened in porch. That is an awesome addition to your home.

    1. Kathy Colman

      How lovely to hear from you Sid ! I am trying to be patient about getting the room done but actually I want to kick and scream and shout NOW NOW NOW !!!

  2. shannon Curran

    Love the screened porch! You will I am sure really enjoy …Missing Eleuthera and hoping for a safe return..

  3. Camilla Ross


    Porch is not in a New York minute! Worth waiting for. As usual; Love the photos! Great blog. Look forward always!

  4. I look forward to your posts.It’s encouraging to see things open up.Can’t wait til the airports open up( hopefully by June 5 when we’re supposed to return!)

  5. I agree with others. No tedium. It is fun to read, and the pictures are always a joy. Thank you Kathy

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