October already and other stories …..


This week – it’s October already – can you believe it – and a couple of other stories….. The year is passing in a blur – it is so important to just pause on occasions and take a deep breath and enjoy the changes that the months bring. The beach as pictured above has taken […]

More Anchor Point and more to the point in Governors Harbour


This week another look at more of Anchor Point and more to the point a mention of two very important people I did not include in last week’s blog about what is happening in Governors Harbour and Eleuthera generally. Many of you will know the lovely Rea Bethel – she is the daughter of Ann […]

Stuff and nonsense and a trip to Nassau


So ‘stuff and nonsense ‘ is a British expression which is said when someone disparages something – this is the dictionary definition – “Utter foolishness or absurdity, as in Stuff and nonsense, of course I can pack a suitcase. Often used as an interjection, this idiom employs stuff in the sense of “rubbish.” It was […]