Hats off to Tippy’s and back to work in construction !

This week we say hats off to Tippy’s for the wonderful work they are doing – and it’s back to work for the construction sites here in Eleuthera.

Firstly let’s talk about Tippy’s. Ever since lockdown they have been cooking and distributing meals for the elderly on the island between James Cistern and Savannah Sound. They produce between 80 and 90 meals six days a week – and deliver them as well…… Elliott Rolle and David Barlyn came up with the idea and the staff in the kitchen cook the meals which are then delivered by 3 of the waiting staff…. What a lovely idea – people are making donations towards the cost of the food and the staff are working to get it all done. So good to hear of projects like this in the community……

Bob looking even more mean, moody and magnificent than normal

So on Sunday afternoon the Prime Minister announced that construction sites on the Family Islands could go back to work – that meant us – and my initial response was ‘I’m not ready !!’ But of course it is great for our workers to be working again – so wearing mandatory masks some of the workforce got back to work on Tuesday…… We are staritng up again slowly – just making sure that everything is being handled properly….

Getting back to work

I’ve never really thought of myself as having bad timing – but just recently I had a very severe attack of bad timing ! When we were on the first restrictions construction was still allowed to work – so I decided it was the ideal time to empty my office and get the horrible carpet pulled out and the floor tiled. Big mistake – because that very evening – after emptying 2 large filing cabinets into various boxes and filling the rest of the offices with all my stuff – the PM announced total lockdown. So for 4 weeks nothing happened at all. Then this week we got the tiler in – job done and now I need to get the new furniture in and sort through all the files – a job I have been dreading – but it will be a great feeling when it is done…..

Like most people during lockdown I have been enjoying cooking food and trying new recipes that I wouldn’t normally manage to. We had a fabulous lunch the other day using a recipe from the Indian cookbook called Dishoom. You may remember – if not why not ? – that I wrote about one of their restaurants in London when Bob and I were taking a trip to London last autumn – we had fantastic food there …. Anyway I bought the cookbook and hadn’t tried a single recipe from it – but then I saw in one of the online UK newspapers a very simple recipe for Kejriwal – click here for the recipe link – scroll down the page a little to find it ! It is actually cheese on toast topped with fried egg – but Indian style…..

You have to they it !

This is another recipe I found online – again Indian – simple and absolutely delicious ! Salmon fillets with Indian Spices and Coconut – aromatic and delicate …..

Lockdown – what lockdown ?

OK – so that’s all for this week – stay safe – follow the rules for once in your life – and be kind to each other …..

If you can just get your toes and feet in the sand and the sea …..

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    1. I haven’t found one – but I can make a donation to them in your name if you like – just email me…..

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